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Spring has come: the most beautiful flowering trees


Flowering trees, from which it is impossible to look away. It is spring and trees are blooming everywhere. Some of their unique beauty and completely amaze the imagination, they seem unreal, fabulous. Some trees are so beautiful and amazing that their greatness can only be amazed. We present you the top 11 most beautiful trees in the world: see and admire!

In Japan, the most beautiful tree in the world is in the park of the city of Tochigi - Wisteria. This wisteria planted around 1870. Its branches are specially supported in such a way that they form a floral umbrella. The best time to see her amazing flowers is from mid-April to mid-May.

Delonix Royal (Delonix regia) or the fiery tree is among the five most beautiful trees in the world. Other names: “red flame”, “fire tree”, “peacock tree”, “Krishna’s crown”, “Phoenix tail”. The older the royal delonix, the more intense and beautiful bloom. Delonix flowers can be bright red, orange and yellow.

it rhododendron"Cynthia"which is more than 100 years old. It is located in the small town of Ladysmith, Vancouver (Canada).

Brachychiton acerifolius (brachychiton maple leaf), other names: “fiery bottle tree”, “fiery tree”. Homeland Australia. Deciduous tree, up to 30m in height. In early summer, when there are no leaves yet, a lot of small bright red flowers bloom on it, completely enveloping it and giving the impression that it is engulfed in fire.

Albizia julibrissin, Albizia or the Sleeping tree or the Silk tree or the Silk acacia is a large deciduous tree of the legume family up to 12 meters high with a spreading umbrella-shaped crown. Distributed from the Caucasus to Central Asia.

The main symbol of Japan is the magic pink trees. Japanese cherry, or Sakura.

Bougainvillea. White, purple, pink, crimson, orange, purple, what not only! Charming plant that can not leave anyone indifferent. It blooms several times a year, almost without a break.

Cassia tubular - A plant of the legume family, a species of the Cassia genus, growing in South Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other countries of South and Southeast Asia.

Jacaranda mimosalous Jacaranda MIMOSIFOLIA - bell-shaped tree - a beautiful elegant tropical evergreen tree with feathery decorative leaves and lilac funnel-shaped flowers. Argentina is home to jacaranda, but currently it grows in all areas with a warm, humid climate.

Tabebuia. It is the national symbol of the Republic of Paraguay. The period of flowering at tabebuyi very spectacular. Tabebuya (lat. Tabebuia) is a genus of plants of the Bignonium family growing in the tropics of Central and South America, including about one hundred species.

But not only flowering trees can be beautiful, foliage can be no less beautiful. This maple grows in the Japanese garden of the city of Portland (USA).

Beautiful flowering trees are much larger than those presented in this selection. But these trees are distinguished by spectacular flowering, when foliage is almost invisible behind lush flowers.

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Chinese wild apple tree

Flowering period: April May

Contrary to its name, this tree is not found in the wild. Chinese is an ornamental plant, and its fruits are not eaten. Most spectacular of all, it looks closer to the end of flowering, when bright petals begin to crumble, covering the ground with a pink carpet.

Cercis Canadian

Flowering period: April May

An unpretentious, though beautiful tree with bright pink flowers originally grew in the east of the United States and Canada, but now, to stroll through the gardens of certsis, you do not need to fly over the ocean: it has got accustomed perfectly in south-west Russia and throughout Ukraine. It is worth seeing at least once in your life - an unforgettable sight.

Sweet bay

Flowering period: June August

Those wishing to see firsthand the fragrant flowers of this plant, reaching 10 cm in diameter, will have to go to another continent - magnolia grows in the east and south of the United States.

Flowering period: end of june - august

This delicate yellow flower has become a national symbol of Thailand. In addition, it grows in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South America. By the way, the pulp of the fruits of cassia has long been used as a powerful antidote to cleanse the blood.

Flowering period: May - the beginning of June

This cherry, so close and familiar to us, is also incredibly beautiful during the flowering period and, to be convinced of this, you do not need to go to another country. Fluffy fragrant pink clouds envelop the trees in May, and then fruits grow on the branches, the benefits of which are known to all.

Indian lilac

Flowering period: from August to October

This graceful plant can bloom with flowers of various shades - white, pink, crimson, purple. Strictly speaking, it is wrong to call it Indian lilac, it is correct - lagerstremia. And it got its own “geographical” name due to the fact that it grows well in southern countries, including India.

Florida Cornel

Flowering period: April May

This healing tree, growing in the United States and Mexico, is listed in the Red Book, so those who want to enjoy its view during the flowering period should hurry.

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145 year old wisteria (wisteria) in Japan

In Japan, in the park of the city of Tochigi, is the most beautiful tree in the world - wisteria. This wisteria was planted around 1870. Every year its branches are specially supported in such a way that they form a floral umbrella. The best time to see its stunning flowers is mid-April-mid-May.

Delonix Royal

Royal Delonix (Delonix regia) or the Fire Tree is originally from Madagascar, and it grows only in countries with a tropical and warm climate. This is one of the most beautiful, bright and spectacular flowering trees. They are decorated with streets, parks and squares. In nature, the tree grows 10-12 meters in height and reaches maturity in about 10 years.

Brachychiton maple leaf

Brachychiton acerifolius (Brachychiton maple-leaf), other names: “fire bottle tree”, “fiery tree”. Homeland Australia. Deciduous tree up to 30 meters in height. At the beginning of summer, when there are no leaves yet, a lot of small bright red flowers bloom on it, completely enveloping it and giving the impression that the tree is engulfed in a bright flame.

Albizia (Albizia julibrissin) or a sleeping tree, or a silk tree, or a silk acacia is a large deciduous tree of the legume family. Its height usually reaches 8-12 meters. A distinctive feature of the albition is a luxurious and spreading umbrella-shaped crown. Distributed tree from the Caucasus to Central Asia.

Cassia tubular

Cassia tubular - a plant of the legume family, a species of the genus Cassia. It grows in South Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other countries in South and Southeast Asia.

Tabebuya (lat. Tabebuia) is a genus of plants of the Bignonium family growing in the tropics of Central and South America, including about one hundred species. It is the national symbol of the Republic of Paraguay. The period of flowering at tabebuyi very spectacular.

Jacaranda mimosalous

Jacaranda mimozolistnaya (Jacaranda mimosifolia) bellflower tree. Beautiful, elegant, tropical evergreen tree with feathery decorative leaves and lilac funnel-shaped flowers. Argentina is home to jacaranda, but now it grows all over the world where there is a warm and humid climate.

Japanese Sakura

Sakura - a symbol of the Land of the Rising Sun. It is associated with a very beautiful holiday of Japan - Hanami.

Admiring flowers becomes an event for the Japanese people and guests of the country. And the pink color in Japan is a symbol of the awakening of nature, the beginning of a new life.

Did you know? Japanese weather forecasters make up a separate forecast of cherry blossoms, telling residents exactly when to expect the start of blooming.

On the sprawling crown of the eastern miracle bloom rose-colored buds. From a distance, sakura looks like a pink air cloud.

At this time, people give up everything and try not to miss this fascinating spectacle, which lasts only 5 days.

They say if you managed to enjoy cherry blossoms, you can live up to 100 years.

Apple trees in bloom

Blooming apple tree, no less enchanting spectacle. In May, apple trees are covered with a white cloud of flowers, which emanates a heady spring scent.

White flowers with a pinkish tint cover the crown of the apple tree so thickly that behind them there are no delicate green leaves.

Recently, decorative apple trees have appeared, which are used in landscape design, often as a hedge. Imagine how great the hedge will look when it blooms!

Did you know? In almost all cultures, an apple tree is a female tree. It helps a girl to meet her betrothed, if she ties a red ribbon to a trunk or a branch during the full moon.

Yellow mimosa

Mimosa - a symbol of spring. A plant of marvelous beauty, used to decorate city parks and the landscape in private possessions.

Shrub with densely growing branches covered with bright yellow flowers can be found on the entire Black Sea coast.

On the eve of the spring holidays, this yellow miracle - branches of blossoming mimosa - fills all flower shops, giving joy and a drop of spring to all women on March 8th.

Did you know? In aromatherapy, the smell of mimosa is designed to purify the spirit, relieve the mental anguish and suffering of a broken heart. Inhalation of the smell of mimosa brings joy and relief. In addition, mimosa adjusts to the romantic mood, promotes flirting and flirting.

Mysterious magnolia

Magnolias considered an aristocrat in a number of plants. Hearing this melodic name, the person immediately represents the south, the sun, relaxation and exoticism.

In Russia, this beautiful flowering shrub (tree) is used for landscaping parks and boulevards of coastal cities. Despite the fact that a magnolia is considered a shrub, its height can reach 6-10 meters.

Magnolia blooms with white flowers and has a delicate unforgettable aroma. This is the oldest plant that lived on earth about 140 million years ago, caught the era of dinosaurs. From this magnolias seem even more mysterious and exotic.

Did you know? In China, magnolia flowers are considered a symbol of virgin purity. And in our country, magnolia flowers are associated with warm summers and gentle sea.

Tulip tree

About tulip, how about a flower, every florist knows. It grows in almost every garden, decorates every flower garden.

But few people know that in nature there is a tulip tree - one of the most luxurious trees in the world! This “wonder of the world” can grow in a temperate climate. Tulip tree can be grown on your personal plot, it is:

  • does not respond to diseases and pests
  • easily carries soot and smoke,
  • long life, almost 500 years,
  • able to withstand frost
  • takes root well
  • does not require special care.

Inflorescences of a lyriodendron differ in the surprising form reminding a tulip (size from 6 to 10 cm) with white-green sepals curved down and yellow-green petals.

The petals of a bud are decorated with an orange spot, the smell of buds resembles the aroma of fresh cucumber, blooms for a long time, from late May to mid-June.

This tree is loved by bees for a large amount of nectar. If you put the flower in a warm room, then you can get a teaspoon of nectar from it.

Almond tree already settled on many personal plots. It strikes the eye with fabulous colors, exuding a pleasant, charming flavor.

In the spring, almond groves are an air cloud consisting of pale pink buds. There are such buds that cut through the red veins in the middle.

Almonds are associated with many beliefs. And all these signs speak about luck and happiness, which brings the almond tree or almond.

In the Old World there is still a tradition, following which the bride gives each guest a guest 5 almond nuts, symbolizing happiness, wealth, longevity, health and abundance.

A coffee tree

A coffee tree can be grown in the apartment. It not only blooms beautifully, "treats" fresh coffee, but also cleans the air in the room. Pinching and cutting branches, you can achieve the desired shape.

Coffee tree is an effective absorber of negativity in the house. If your family relationships have recently cracked, then the tropical "pet" will help extinguish mutual aggression and smooth out conflicts.

In his presence, different generations are beginning to better understand and respect each other more, and the spouses gain the former freshness of feelings.

In addition to protecting the family from conflict, a flowering coffee tree attracts wealth to the house, promotes business development and improvement in the profession, helps to make a career and awakens the financier's talent.

White and yellow acacia

Acacia - the most common tree of the southern strip. The flowers of white or yellow acacia are collected in large brushes that hang beautifully down.

During the flowering period, so many flowers bloom on the tree that the whole bush becomes white or yellow, depending on the type of acacia.

The mystical abilities of the acacia during its flowering are especially strong, and the energy orientation depends on the shade of the inflorescences.

Pink flowers will support creative individuals, especially if they belong to the weaker sex. They awaken imagination and inspiration, generate non-standard ideas and solutions.

White acacia means purity of thoughts and immortality, and also is considered an inexhaustible source of vitality.

Her yellow relative was worshiped in ancient Egypt, as she symbolized the sun and the revival of a new life. But in our time amber inflorescences are presented if they want to hint to the partner to cool the senses.

Yellow acacia

Snow tree

Snow tree already decorates the gardens of many gardeners. Snow blooming flourishes with a continuous white fringe, consisting of airy buds of rare beauty.

Even after a cold winter, a snowy tree will delight you with snow-white blooms.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley blooms with delicate bells, like lily of the valley bells. Lily of the valley can survive the winter even in the middle lane, provided there is good shelter from the cold.

In the spring, in just a few days, the tree turns into an amazingly beautiful plant.

I hope that you have found a new hobby for yourself - growing flowering trees that are rare for your area. Waiting for your comments. And at parting - see other flowering trees of our region.