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Ornamental conifer plants for the garden


Unpretentious and gas-resistant coniferous shrubs for the garden perfectly complement the chosen style of landscape design, are used to decorate the courtyard, adorn the main entrance to a country house or office. Modern dwarf forms of junipers, spruces and other evergreens significantly reduce labor costs for pruning.

Undersized coniferous bushes

Evergreens are suitable for the realization of the bold and original ideas of landscape design. In small gardens often used stunted, dwarf and creeping species of coniferous shrubs, as well as varieties with a domed crown. The slowed-down annual growth ensures the preservation of plant heights of 50–80 cm with a diameter of 0.80–1.2 m at five years of age

  • Juniper average "Gold Star". Compact, slow-growing shrub, shaped like a star. Within 10 years it reaches a height of 50 cm, and width - 2 m. Suitable for the formation of hedges, tolerates a haircut without any problems.
  • Juniper Daurian. Evergreen shrub in natural conditions rarely grows to half a meter, but the diameter of the creeping juniper in a garden or park reaches five meters. In the warm season, the needles turn blue-green, in winter - bronze. The lush, spherical bushes of the variety “Expanza Variegata” are distinguished by bright tops on a green background. Siberian juniper looks similar to M. Dauri, grows in height to 1 m.
  • Juniper ordinary "Repanda". The shrub grows in height to 0.5 m, spreads branches to the side of the center by 1-1.2 m. The needles are evergreen, thick, fragrant. Ideal ground cover shrub, undemanding to the substrate. Juniper prostrate "Ice Blue" in the shape of the crown is similar to M. ordinary "Repanda", but differs in bluish color of needles.

Adult shrubs are more resistant to low temperatures and lack of moisture, compared with young specimens.

  • Juniper Cossack "Variyegata". The height of slow-growing shrubs to the age of ten is only 0.5 m, diameter - 1.5 m. The needles are soft, with cream and golden-yellow highlights on a green background.
  • Thuja western "Golden Taffet" and "Globoza Aurea". Dwarf ornamental coniferous shrubs up to 0.6 m in height and less than 1 m in diameter are excellent for decorating an oriental-style garden or rock garden. The crown attracts attention with shades of gold and bronze. Shrubs prefer lighted spots in the garden.
  • Pine Weymouth. "Minima" - dwarf variety with a compact crown. The color of the needles is green with a lemon shade. “Radiata” is a dwarf shrub with a ball-shaped crown.

Medium-grown plants

Coniferous shrubs in height from 0.8 to 1.5 m are well suited for original green compositions in the garden and for single plantings.

  • Thuja western "Globoza". Coniferous bush in the shape of a ball up to 1 m high grows better in partial shade, prefers light fertile soil. It tolerates frosty winters. A close variety in the shape of the crown is the thuja, the western Golden Globe.
  • Thuja western "Erikoides". The crown at a young age has a round or oval shape, then becomes similar to a pyramid with a height of more than 1.5 m. The needles outwardly resemble juniper needles. The plant tolerates a haircut, it is resistant to air pollution.
  • Thuja western "Erikoides Gold". Graceful plant with a rounded-conical or oval crown. The adult shrub has a height and a diameter of 100-120 cm. The name of the variety was given in the color of golden-yellow needles.

Tall shrubs

Junipers, thujas, cypresses differ in enviable longevity, they live in nature for hundreds of years. Important for a temperate climate and other useful qualities - high winter hardiness, good drought resistance.

Slow-growing species, dwarf varieties of fir trees and pines at a young age resemble shrubs, retaining their compact form in mature years.

  • Juniper rocky "Munglow." The plant attracts the attention of a slender crown and "moon" color needles. It is highly resistant to drought and low temperatures.
  • Thuja western "Brabant". The plant reaches a height of 5 - 20 m. Crohn at a young age has a strictly conical shape, over the years it becomes more loose. Coloring pine needles - green, does not change with the seasons.
  • Blue spruce "Belobok". Unique variety with a compact crown, young shoots of golden-white color. Adult spruce "Belobok" acquires the characteristic pyramidal shape.
  • Fir-tree ordinary "Pygmy". The green crown in the shape of a dome formed by highly branched shoots. The adult fir tree “Pygmy” reaches a height of 2 m with a diameter of 1.5 m. The needles are bright green in color.
  • Pine Weymouth. The height of the plant varieties "Nana" - 1.5 m, the needles are bright green, with age acquires a silvery shade. "Pendula" is a variety of Weymutov pine with a weeping crown shape that responds well to a haircut.