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Different ways of making dogwood for winter storage


Homeland dogwood are southern territories: the Crimea, Moldova and Central Asia. Unfortunately, few people know about the remarkable properties of the berry, although due to selection, dogwood is known not only in the south. It is, without exaggeration, a valuable medicinal plant. Many ailments and serious diseases are treated with decoctions and tinctures from parts of the cornel.

Did you know?The dogwood has very strong wood, the American toppers used it to make traps and traps. In ancient times, wood was used in the manufacture of agricultural implements.

The benefits of dogwood juice

Juice from fresh berries of a cornel is very useful at diabetes. Nutrients and elements in the cornel composition improve the work of the digestive tract, the intestines, enhance the enzymatic function of the pancreas, normalize metabolism in the body and eliminate toxic elements. All these actions reduce the glucose level in the blood of diabetic patients and remove excess sugar. You should take half a glass of juice half an hour before meals daily.

Regular use of juice also helps in violation of thyroid function. A large amount of ascorbic acid makes cornel juice indispensable in the fight against avitaminosis and chronic fatigue. Daily use of 30 ml of juice will increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, will give strength and vitality.

The benefits of dogwood jam

Dogwood berries are saturated with vitamin C, so jam from dogwood berries is useful as a preventive measure against colds. Tea with jam significantly relieves the flu and other respiratory and viral infections, along with traditional medicines, jam relieves the symptoms of colds: weakness, body aches, fever and headache. A cornel berry stone contains a large amount of pectin, which is jam-filled during cooking. Pectin is capable of removing toxic substances from the body. Jam is recommended for use by people with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, suffering from constipation and pain in the stomach.

The properties of cornel jam have been known for a long time, it was used as a medicine for measles, since the use of jam facilitates the patient's condition. Children jam a couple of spoons per day were given to improve immunity.

Jam with stones

There are many recipes for jam made from cornel, let's look at a few of them.

Recipe for jam with bones.

Ingredients: cornel - 600 g, sugar - 700 g, water - 200 ml.

For jam pick ripe berries. They need to wash, sort, remove the stem. Prepare a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour sugar in there, cover with water and put on medium heat. The syrup should boil and boil for about five minutes. Put the dogwood berries in the syrup, turn off the heat, let the syrup cool with the berries. It is ideal to endure like this for about twelve hours. The next day, boil the contents of the pan until the berries are soft over low heat. It will take thirty minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam. Pour the finished dogwood jam with stones under sterilized jars, cover with lids and wrap with a blanket or blanket until it cools.

Bone Jam

For jam, from cornel without stones, first of all you need to get rid of these bones. To do this, the berries are steamed in a water bath. Then the bones go well. Ingredients:berries and sugar - 1: 1, water is added if necessary.

Peeled berries are covered with sugar and left for twelve hours to highlight the juice. Then the container with the berries put on a slow fire, if you think that the juice is small, add water. When cooking, remove the foam skimmer. A mixture of berries and sugar is first brought to a boil, then with stirring, boiled for 15-20 minutes. The jam should cool completely. After five hours, boil again for five to seven minutes. During these two procedures, the berries have time to soak in syrup. Now it is necessary to boil again so that the syrup is not too liquid. Cook for long, cooling the jam will be even thicker. The finished sweetness is placed in sterilized jars and closed with a lid.

Jam in a multivariate

Ingredients: cornel - 1 kg, water - 200 ml, sugar - 1 kg.

Dogwood berries sort out, rinse and cover with water, leave for two hours. This procedure will keep the berries whole during cooking. While berries are wet, boil syrup out of water and sugar. Put the dogwood in a slow cooker, cover with cooled syrup.

In the multicooker, select the “Jam” or “Quenching” mode and cook for about an hour in this mode. Later, switch to “Heating” and leave for thirty minutes. The final stage: put the device back into the "Quenching" mode, hold it for fifteen minutes and turn it off. Dogwood jam, placed in jars, when cooled thickens to a jelly state.

Jam in the bread maker

Prepare the berries: for jam in the bread maker, the bones should be removed. Berries and sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, put in the capacity of the stove. Stir the mixture with a silicone spatula, gently, so as not to damage the surface of the equipment. Close the lid of the bread machine and put it on the “Jam” mode. After cooking, remove the lid, remove the foam, pour the jam hot on the banks. Keep it better in the refrigerator.

Interesting!In the Victorian era, gentlemen gave their ladies a dogwood flower, which was regarded by the latter as a sign of love and affection. If the lady returned the flower - it meant that this man is not suitable for her.

Dogwood jam with apples

Ingredients: cornel - 1.2 kg, apples - 1 kg, sugar - 2 kg, water - 1 liter. Free the cornel from the bones, peel the apples and cut them into small pieces. Boil the syrup and pour over the berries with the apples. Let stand in the syrup for about six hours. Boil three to four times for five to seven minutes. Watch the foam, it needs to be removed. Spread the pre-prepared jam in sterilized jars.

Dogwood jam with honey

Ingredients: 1 kg of cornel, 200 g of honey, if desired, you can add 50 ml of alcohol. Step-by-step recipe cornel honey jam:

  1. Pick ripe berries of dogwood, wash and dry. Bones from the berries need to be removed.
  2. Mash half the berries into a mush, leave the other whole.
  3. Mix all ingredients except honey and bring to a boil over medium heat.
  4. When the mixture boils, set the fire to a minimum and, while stirring constantly, pour in the honey.
  5. When the mixture becomes more homogeneous, remove from heat and let cool.
  6. After five to six hours, boil a second time for five minutes, let cool.
  7. After the third boiling, let cool and put in jars.

Important!It is extremely undesirable to use cornel in women during pregnancy, if there is a threat of miscarriage or the uterus is elevated: cornel has a strong tonic and stimulating effect.

Dogwood Marmalade

Ingredients: cornel - 5 kg, sugar - 2.5 kg, water - 2 l. For marmalade suitable substandard dogwood. Wash berries, remove bones and cook until the berries sprawl. Water from the berries to drain, it can be used to make jelly.

Mash boiled mass into mush, add sugar and cook, stirring constantly, until thick. Marmalade spread on a dish moistened with cold water and left to dry, pre-cut into desired pieces. Store marmalade in glass containers or boxes with tight lids.

Dogwood Compote


  • Water - 1.5 L
  • Dogwood - 300 g
  • Freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice - 0.5 cups
  • Peel of half lemon and half orange
  • Liquid honey - 2 tbsp. l
  • Estragon - 2-3 g
  • Ginger - 20 g

Boil water and pour into the boiled berries of the dogwood, boil for half an hour. Then cool and add the juice and zest squeezed from citrus. Boil the mixture, add the chopped ginger and honey. Allow to cool and brew until the compote cools, add tarragon. This drink helps with colds, and hot cornel compote warms well.

Attention!Cornel is not recommended fresh and in the form of compote for people suffering from problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Dogwood syrup

Dogwood can be harvested not only as jam: this recipe can also be used for storage for the winter. Ingredients: cornel - 3 kg, sugar - 2 kg, water - 200 ml.

Overripe berries are washed, removed bones and mashed into mush. The berries are boiled, not boiling. Then filter and squeeze. Sugar and water are added to the juice, boiled down to thickness. The syrup is ready when its drop does not spread over the surface of the saucer or plate. The finished syrup is filtered through sterile pure gauze (can be boiled) and poured into prepared containers. Banks are rolled up with a lid, and the bottles are closed with boiled cork and filled with hot paraffin.

Dogwood Sauce

Spicy and fragrant cornel sauce from Georgian cuisine is suitable for meat, poultry and fish dishes, hot and cold appetizers.


  • Cornel - 1 kg
  • Water - 150 ml
  • cilantro seeds - 1 tsp.
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves
  • hops-suneli - 1 tsp.
  • pepper pod - to taste
  • greens and salt to taste

Well-matured dogwood grind through a sieve or in a blender, add boiled water and other chopped ingredients. Mix the composition thoroughly, add spices to taste.

Cornel is a useful and tasty berry, from it you can prepare a lot of medicinal and simply delicious dishes. Berry is used in meat and fish dishes, in baking and drinks. Preparations for the winter period are both medicine, and dessert, and a storehouse of vitamins.

What is useful dogwood

Of course, in fresh form, this berry is most useful for health. But in winter billet of dogwood, there is also a sufficient amount of valuable substances and a certain part of the vitamins that are so necessary for the body in the cold season.

Regular consumption of the fruits of this plant strengthens the immune system well, and in addition:

The list of useful properties of cornel is not limited to this list. It is useful in hypertension and some blood diseases, and also has a general tonic effect on the body and a beneficial effect on the work of many of its systems.

Attention! Cornel berries are not recommended for use by people with high acidity and those who have a tendency to constipation.

How can I prepare dogwood for winter storage

Dogwood blanks for storage in the winter can be very diverse. Here, each acts depending on its capabilities, taste and personal preferences. These berries can be frozen. In this form, the fruits are beautifully stored, without losing most of their beneficial qualities. They make juice and wine.

Dried or dried berries are good in taste and convenient in future use. But, probably, the most popular are sweet preparations - compotes, marmalade, jam, pastila, and especially - dogwood jam, which will help out very much in the cold season as prevention of respiratory and various viral diseases. There is nothing difficult in its preparation. There are many different recipes, illustrated for clarity of the photo, which helps to quickly navigate the features of this process.

Cornel jam

To prepare a tasty and healthy delicacy you will need only three ingredients - dogwood berries, granulated sugar and water. The amount of sugar and liquid in different recipes can be different. Thus, the final product can be made thick or watery, more or less sweet. In the very same cornel bone, there are also useful substances, so when preparing jam, many leave it without removing it from the fruit.

So, for the preparation of delicious cornel jam with seeds, 0.6 kg of berries, 0.7 kg of sugar and 200 ml of water are required.

  1. Dogwood berries need to sort out, remove the green stalk, then rinse well.
  2. In a suitable size pot (preferably with a thick bottom) pour sugar, pour water, put on the fire, stir the contents. After boiling, boil the syrup for 5 minutes.
  3. Place the cornel in the prepared syrup, remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool for about 12 hours.
  4. The next day, put this container back on fire, wait until it boils. Then boil the berries in syrup on a small fire, removing the foam and stirring the jam, so that it does not burn. Boil for about half an hour until the fruit is soft.
  5. Pour the jam over the prepared jars of hot, roll up the lids and wrap something warm until it cools completely.

But jam with bones, even though they contain nutrients, love not all. If desired, they can be quickly and easily removed from the berries.

The dried fruits of dogwood

The recipe for dried dogwood is not as complicated as some housewives think. The berries, harvested for the winter in this way, are well stored. They are pleasant to the taste and elegant in appearance. Whole and without damage, the fruit must be sorted, washed, freed from the bone. Then fill them with sugar and hold in this state for about a day.

After this time, the sugar syrup, which was formed, must be drained, and the berries themselves put on a baking sheet and put in the oven. Hold them at a temperature of about 80-90 degrees for 15 minutes, then reach and leave to cool. Then another 2 times to repeat this procedure.

Drying fruits

Properly dried berries perfectly retain their beneficial properties. Billet of dogwood in this form is stored for a long time without loss of appearance and quality. And this method can be called the easiest and most affordable. Drying fruit can be in different ways:

  • in the open air, lay the cornel on paper in a dry place in the open air so that the sun's rays do not fall on the fruit. If there is suitable weather, the berries will dry out in a few days and you will only have to pick them
  • in the oven - this method is faster. Prepared dogwood should be placed on a baking sheet and put in the oven, setting a temperature of about 50-60 degrees, which can then be raised to 75. The drying process in the oven must be constantly monitored so that the berries do not burn,
  • using a special dryer, decompose the dogwood into sections of this device, set the appropriate mode and stand up to readiness.

To make these or other blanks from cornels, a lot of experience and special conditions are not required. You just need to choose at your discretion the most preferable way and not forget about control over the process. For the first time, you can use the ready-made recipe, better with step-by-step photos, to immediately understand what needs to be done and how. And in the future it will be possible to experiment a bit by adding something of our own to them.

Jam (jam) of dogwood for the winter

  • 1,300 lbs. dogwood
  • 1 kg. Sahara
  • 100 grams of water

Wash cornel, remove tails and spoiled berries. Put the berries in a pot with a thick bottom. Add water and bring to a boil, reduce the heat. Cook the berries until softened. By the time it takes 40-40 minutes.

Then the berries need to be wiped using a strainer and a whisk. It is necessary to wipe berries hot. I indicated 1. 300 berries in the recipe, since we need 1 kg. finished mashed dogwood. This is tailored to the bones and skins.

When the berries are wiped, it remains homogeneous mashed potatoes. In the puree, add 1 kg of sugar, put the puree in a saucepan with a thick bottom, cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring, and removing the foam.

Ready jam from a cornel needs to be poured on sterile jars and to roll up sterile covers. From this amount of ingredients, we got 3 half-liter jars of jam (jam) from dogwood.

Hot jam is slightly watery, but don't let that bother you; after cooling, it becomes very thick, like marmalade. This is an excellent filling for pies, pies, bagels and other baking. Jam turns out delicious, fragrant and very beautiful.

Frozen dogwood for the winter

Now save berries, vegetables and fruits has become much easier. The most important is the presence of a large and good freezer. The frozen berries of a cornel retain the most part of useful properties. Therefore, dogwood, like other berries, can be frozen for the winter.

But, freeze only ripe berries of dogwood. Berries need to sort and wash. Be sure to dry them on a paper towel, the excess moisture in the freezer does not need anything.

The berries are laid out in a thin layer on a pallet or cutting board, frozen, and then the frozen berries are laid out in plastic bags or thick bags with a zip fastener. Berries are stored in the freezer.

You can also make syrup, jam, marmalade from the cornel, and also pickle the cornel berries, but for the time being we have settled on proven recipes that I wrote about above.

Billet of dogwood for the winter, a selection of recipes.

Dogwood blanks for the winter have medicinal properties in folk medicine, they treat the gastrointestinal tract. From the berries of dogwood, you can prepare for the winter jam, jam, compote, marmalade, pickle, freeze.

1. cornel jam.

To dissolve granulated sugar in water, boil for 5 minutes. Hot syrup pour dogwood and let stand 5 hours. Boil in three steps for 5 minutes with an interval of 2 hours. Then put it in the jar and close the lid. Dogwood - 1 kg. Granulated sugar - 1, 2 kg. Water - 1 cup.

2. Dogwood marmalade.

Rinse the berries, rinse, remove the bones and boil in water. Decorate the broth. It can be used as a compote or for making jelly (with the addition of gelatin.

Mass wipe through a sieve or colander (knock down in a blender. Add sugar and boil until ready. Spread out on the banks and roll. For 5 kg of cornel, sugar 2, 5 kg, water 2 liters.

3. frozen dogwood.

Frozen cornel retains most of its beneficial properties, and the taste of these berries even improves. Ripe berries are suitable for freezing. Их перебирают, моют, дают обсохнуть, высыпают на поддон и ставят в морозильную камеру.The finished product is laid out in plastic bags and well tied.

4. pickled dogwood.

Only unripe fruits will do. Wash and flush them in boiling water for 2 minutes. Fold and spread on the banks. Pour water into one can to determine the approximate amount of liquid per can. We drain this water, measure its quantity and we bring it to the desired volume by the number of cans.

In each liter jar put 7 peas black bitter pepper, 3 bay leaves, a piece of cinnamon (or a pinch of powder), 1/4 teaspoon of salt, dill. To boil the measured water and to pour on banks. Let stand 3-5 minutes. Drain the water, bring to a boil and again pour into the banks.

5. Cornel syrup.

Well-ripened fruits wash, dry and grind. You can remove the bones and grind in a blender. Let it stand for a day. Mass strain, add water, sugar. Cook until thick over high heat. Pour into clean bottles (cans) and screw.

6. Jam from dogwood.

- Dogwood - 1 kg.
- Sugar - 6 glasses.
- Water - 1 glass.

Boil ripe dogwood in water until softened, then rub through a sieve or a colander, add sugar and cook as described here.

7. compote from cornel.

On 1 liter jar takes about 500 grams of fruit. Rinse under running water, put in jars and pour syrup. Boil the syrup at the rate of 1 kg of sugar per 1 liter of water. Banks with fill for sterilization in a water bath put. Sustain liter 15 minutes. Roll up, turn and wrap until completely cooled.

8. Dogwood jam.

Ripe berries dogwood carefully sort out, thoroughly rinse and put in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Pour in water, put on the fire and warm until the skin of the berries begins to lag. Then we remove the saucepan from the dogwood from the heat, cool it a little and rub the berries through a sieve into a separate dish. Add sugar to the rubbed mass and send to the fire for 5 minutes. Then cool a little, pour the dogwood jam into sterilized jars and roll it up. Dogwood - 2 kg, sugar 3 kg, water 1 cup.

9. Kissel from cornel.

For the preparation we need: dogwood - about 1 cup, sugar - 1/2 cup, starch - 2-3 tbsp. l

Berries to sort, rinse, put in hot water and boil for about 10 minutes. Drain broth, knead berries and combine with decoction, then boil, strain, add sugar, boil again, pour thinned starch diluted in cold water and bring to a boil.

10. Cornel for Caucasian.

Ripe soft fruits of the dogwood rinse and remove the bones. Bring the fruit to a boil while stirring and squeeze the juice. Mix two parts of cornel juice with one part of water, add sugar to taste. Boil juice for 5 minutes, pour into bottles and cork.

How to freeze dogwood for the winter

For the work we need the dogwood, colander, kitchen towel, bags for freezing.

Before freezing, the cornel should be bruised, remove damaged berries, leaves, and tails.

Rinse the dogwood well.

Dry on a kitchen towel.

Spread the cornel in portions in a single layer in packages for freezing. As much as possible to remove air from packages. Send to freezer for storage. Dogwood berries can easily lie in the freezer until next year.

Is it possible to freeze dogwood for the winter

Dogwood fruits are frozen in several ways: Placer. Heaped dry berries are scattered on a pallet in a single layer and in this form they are stored in the freezer compartment, using as needed. Prepackaged. Dogwood berries can be packaged in containers, plastic cups or plastic bags. At the same time plastic containers are covered with lids, and the bags are tied. Slightly frozen berries are most conveniently and fastest packed. Frayed. Overripe fruits are soft, so they can be crushed with a wooden spatula or rubbed through a sieve. Then the gruel is formed into small cakes or balls, wrapping each food wrap. It is very convenient to get a portion, defrost and use without residue for the intended purpose.

Frozen cornel retains all vitamins and organic acids as much as possible, it contains essential oils, pectins, volatile production and tannins. After freezing, cornel becomes even more fragrant and tastier, so children and adults eat it with pleasure for the benefit of their health and immunity.

Marinated dogwood for the winter

Marinated dogwood in a spicy brine is something like home-made olives, but in the Slavic manner. Interesting appetizer and unusual addition of salads and other dishes.

We continue to harvest the fruits of dogwood for the winter. Dogwood compote was closed in cans, dogwood meat sauce was prepared. In turn, sweet and sour dogwood in a spicy marinade, which will appeal to many. Often such a snack is compared with olives. But the taste of pickled berries is completely different. It turns out a good alternative to pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and plums. It is very simple to prepare a pickled plum for future use; this process will not cause difficulties even for novice cooks. Jars with such a billet are well stored and the lids are not swollen, even if they are in the closet of an apartment where it is warm enough.

Marinated dogwood will be a good addition to meat dishes and strong drinks.

Recipe Information

Preparation: cooking.

Total cooking time: 30 min.

Servings: 0.5 liters. .


  • cornel - 0.5 kg
  • hot pepper - ¼ pcs.
  • Sugar - 2.5 tsp.
  • Vinegar 9% - 50 ml
  • salt - ½ tbsp.
  • Sweet peppers - 3 pcs.
  • tarragon - 1 pc.
  • Carnation - 3 pcs.
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs.
  • water - 150 ml.


  1. Pour sugar, salt into the pan. Pour water and vinegar. Add bay leaf, allspice and cloves. Pepper peeled seeds. Cut the pod slice into thin rings. Add to saucepan with the remaining ingredients. Stir the marinade so that the sugar and salt are completely dissolved.
  2. Prepare ripe strong dogwood. Remove the tails, spoiled berries and leaves. Put the cornel in a colander. Rinse thoroughly. Pierce each berry with a toothpick in several places. After this procedure, the dogwood skin will not burst when in contact with hot water. Berries will remain whole, beautiful and the snack will look appetizing. Gently pour the fruits of the cornel in the prepared marinade.
  3. Put the pot on the minimum fire. Bring marinade to a boil. Mix the contents of the container with a wooden spatula. Boil the berries for 15 minutes. If you use slightly over-ripe cornel, then you should prepare a snack for a couple of minutes less. Otherwise, you risk not getting “red olives”, but boiled mashed potatoes.
  4. While the berries are soaked with marinade, you should prepare a container and a lid for preservation. They must be carefully treated with baking soda powder. Then rinse under the powerful pressure of running water. Sterilize the jar for a couple (20 min). Boil the lid in water for 5 minutes. Place the prepared dishes on a clean kitchen towel. In a glass container put a sprig of tarragon. Gently pour the marinade with berries into a sterile jar. The container must be filled to the brim. Cover the jar with a lid. The key to roll up the container with pickled berries. Wrap upside-down jar with a warm jacket or blanket. Leave the marinated appetizer until cool (approximately overnight). Then remove the jar in a cool place to store preservation. A slightly tart and moderately spicy snack will decorate your table in the winter season. Enjoy your meal!

How to keep dogwood for the winter in the freezer

Storing dogwood in the freezer at low temperature allows you to save most of the vitamin C, all the trace elements and tart rich taste in it. Interestingly, freezing improves the taste of berries. After it, they become much sweeter. Before freezing the dogwood, it is necessary to carefully sort through, remove the leaves, twigs, insects, etc.

Selected berries need to be washed, dried on a towel at room temperature, then pour on a tray in a single layer. It is necessary to freeze for 3 hours, then pack them in bags and store at -18 ° C and below for 1 year. You can also freeze ground dogwood with sugar. For this, ripe and overripe whole berries are selected, seeds are removed and ground into mashed potatoes, at a rate of 1: 0.5, for 1 part of pulp 0.5 parts of sugar or powder. The finished product is decomposed into batch plastic trays and freeze. Store in the freezer at -18 ° C and below for up to 6 months.

Dogwood Hot Sauce for Winter

A simple dogwood sauce recipe for the winter will always allow you to have seasoning not only for meat dishes, but also for all kinds of side dishes. Ingredients:

  • cornel - 1 kg,
  • garlic head,
  • ground coriander, hops-suneli and red pepper - 1 teaspoon,
  • bunch of cilantro,
  • a teaspoon of olive oil,
  • salt to taste.

  • Berries fall asleep and heat on low heat for 10 minutes, stir.
  • Turn the berries into puree.
  • Finely chop the cilantro.
  • Rub the garlic with coriander and mix with mashed potatoes.
  • Add butter and salt.
  • Boil 10 minutes on low heat and stir constantly to prevent the sauce from burning.
  • Lay out in sterile jars and roll up.

Prepared quickly, and the ingredients for all housewives are known.

Dogwood frozen Ways and recipes freeze

There are several ways to freeze the dogwood, of which the most common and simple, is the usual placement of berries in the freezer. To do this, after the berries have been prepared, spread them out in a thin layer on any flat surface and place them in this form in the freezer. The time of the initial freezing in the freezer depends on the temperature conditions set in it. So, if you set the temperature to -12 ° C, then in 15–20 minutes you can get the cornel and start packing. At a higher temperature, respectively, and the time of initial freezing increases. When the cornel freezes, it must be placed in lockable special freezing containers, plastic bags or special bags for this. Please note that when packing frozen dogwood into bags, it is necessary to let the air out of them and close tightly. It is also important to remember that you need to pack up, as quickly as possible, to avoid thawing berries. After the whole cornel has been packaged, do not forget to make an inscription on the package containing information about the date of its freezing. For convenience, you can immediately calculate the date when the shelf life expires. As a rule, for frozen, not processed berries, the shelf life of storage in the freezer at the appropriate temperature, that is, at -18 C and below, is not more than 9-12 months. This method of freezing whole cornel is used to reduce the amount of space occupied in the freezer by frozen berries. If you have the opportunity, you can place fresh, prepared berries on a tray, sprinkle them in one layer and store them in a freezer at this temperature at -18 ° C and not packing it below. Use frozen in this way the product is allowed for about 6 months. Frozen cornels that are not processed can be used in winter to cook compote, jam and more. In addition, it is widely used as a seasoning in the preparation of dishes from meat, poultry and fish. But this is not the only way to freeze dogwood. You can freeze it using sugar. Before using this recipe, do not forget to also prepare the berries. Any amount of cornel and granulated sugar is taken in this case. As a rule, their weight is chosen independently based on your taste preferences. Berries must be rubbed through a sieve. It is recommended to use a sieve with smaller cells. At the end of the wiping process, the bones should remain in the sieve, and residues of the skin can remain. After that, granulated sugar is added to the finished gruel to taste. Everything is thoroughly mixed and placed in the dishes in which you plan to freeze the dogwood. This can be an ice freezer or other similar utensils. In addition, this mixture can be rolled up into balls and wrapped in plastic wrap, and then frozen. Dogwood freezes with sugar in the freezer at -12 ° C for at least 1.5–2 hours. If the temperature is higher, then it will have to freeze the product, respectively, longer. After that, the frozen mixture of cornel and sugar is removed from the form in which it was initially frozen and packaged in the same way for packaging whole berries. When calculating the shelf life, it is necessary to consider that by freezing the cornel in this way, you will significantly shorten its shelf life. This product is stored at a temperature of -18C and below no more than 4 months. Frozen cornel with sugar is very convenient to use in the winter, adding it, for example, to tea, to porridge, etc. Observing the rules of preparing the dogwood and its freezing, you will be able to preserve its main important medicinal and taste properties. This is due to the fact that keeping it for the winter by freezing, it contains almost all the beneficial vitamins, organic acids, essential oils, pectins, volatile production and tannins. In addition, in winter, he will be able to please both adults and children with his taste.