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Planting and growing date palm stone from the bones at home


How to grow a date palm out of a stone at home? Growing the house of this woman of the desert not too difficultas it may seem.

You simply follow a specific procedure. And the first thing a florist should think about, who has set himself the goal of getting a date from a seed house, where to find suitable seeds.

Selection of seeds for sowing

Selection of seeds depends from florist goals.

If you want to get a palm tree of a particular variety, purchase seeds of factory production in a special shop for gardeners. The manufacturer usually specifies on the package detailed information on the type and variety of the plant, as well as describes its agricultural practices.

But factory seeds have a flaw - their the cost is quite high. When buying, pay close attention to the production date. The older the seeds, the lower their germination.

If the date palm variety does not matter to you in principle, you can get seeds much easier. To do this, go to the nearest supermarket and buy a package of dried dates (and better fresh). Take the dates packaged, as on the package you will find information not only on the date of production.

Remember, the fastest growing fresh seeds.

Start germinating seeds need fig March - April.

You will need about a dozen pits. Part of this amount will not rise, and some may die after germination.

Bone processing before soaking

By choosing the fruit for pitting, you it is necessary to process them before sowing. This is done in the following order:

  1. A bone is extracted from a date.
  2. Very carefully remove the remnants of the pulp and rinse well with warm water.
  3. Peeled bones are placed for 48 hours in warm water in order to save future plants from harmful microorganisms that can infect the soil and cause rotting of seedlings. Water should be changed daily.
  4. Pure seeds are dried within 24 hours.
  5. The pits of a date have a very dense shell, and in order to facilitate water access to the embryo it is necessary to break its integrity. This can be done in 4 ways:
    • Rinse the bones with hot water (not boiling water!). Water temperature should be about 80 degrees.
    • Carefully pierce the shell with a sharp object, being careful not to damage the seed itself.
    • Sand the stone, thus removing a part of the shell.
    • Slightly incise the bone with a sharp knife along the seam.

Seed preparation is almost complete. We proceed to soak.

Cotton soak

The emergence of date palm seedlings depends on the quality of the seed and can last from 1 month to 1 year. To maximize the speed of the process, experienced growers have invented soaking the bones. This can be done simply by putting the seeds in water, but the best thing to do is to wadding.


  • Each bone must be tightly wrapped in cotton, forming a cocoon.
  • Each such cocoon is well moistened and spread on the bottom of a plastic container.
  • At the bottom of the container with stones, pour a small amount of water and place it in a warm place, for example, on the battery. The temperature should be in the range of + 25-30 degrees.

Soaked bone for 2-4 days. During this time, monitor the humidity of cotton buds and, if necessary, add water. To reduce the evaporation of moisture, the container with stones can be covered with a piece of glass.

Create temperature conditions

Optimum temperature for seed germination is considered + 25-30 degrees. It is best to germinate seeds in a mini-greenhouse, where the necessary temperature and humidity will be maintained.

The soil for planting dates can be purchased at the store, but it will be better if you make it yourself, because it’s not at all difficult.

For sowing you need a soil of this composition:

  • 1 part of steamed peat land,
  • 1 part sand or perlite,
  • 1 part raw sawdust.

The composition of the earth will have to change several times depending on the age of the flower.

Pot selection

The features of the date palm are such that in the early stages, the root grows at an accelerated pace. The date has a tap root system, that is, one root is the main root, the rest are subordinate.

A pot for such a plant try to select a deep and narrow, so that the date feels comfortable.

Initially, all seeds can be planted in one deep box.

Stagnant moisture date does not make, therefore, at the bottom of the pot or drawer be sure to fill the drainage layerAs which it is possible to use expanded clay, a broken brick, a pebble or charcoal.

Sowing and seedling care

How is a date palm planted from a pit? Date seeds are planted vertically to a depth equal to one and a half length of the stone.

Now the pot of seeds is necessary put in a warm place and vigilantly monitor the soil moisture, preventing excessive moisture.

If the seeds were fresh, the first shoots may appear within a month or two.

The most common recommendation - to carry out the first picking, when a young date will reach 10 cm in length. But experienced flower growers say that with such a late picking you will get a plant with one - two long and narrow leaves that look like a reed.

This should be done carefully.trying not to damage the spine. A sprout is transplanted into a new pot along with the mother seed, since the young plant is still receiving food from it.

Further, young date palms are transplanted every year, until they reach 5 years.

With such a picking scheme, by the end of the first year of life you will receive a plant that will have two or even three broad leaves. After a year, the date will begin to produce beautiful feathery leaves and will be more and more like a real palm tree.

Here you will clearly see how to make a pick.