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What is a shovel with a screw and what types are


When living in central Russia, owners of private houses and cottages often have to clean the area of ​​snow. This is convenient to do with a snow shovel, which you can buy or make your own hands.

With knowledge and some materials, such work is easy to do. And assembled at home devices are no less durable than the purchase.

What to make a shovel?

Before making a snow shovel, it is necessary to determine the material for work.

Most often, such devices are created from:

  1. Plastics. Plastic products are characterized by ease and convenience, so they are used very often. It is quite easy to make such a snow scraper with your own hands. To do this, you can buy ready-made scoop in the store and connect it with a handle.
  2. Iron or Zinc. The advantage of these materials is their durability. But heavy metal products, which complicates their use. In areas of large size, it is inconvenient to use such devices.
  3. Aluminum. Aluminum snow shovel is characterized by durability and lightness. Therefore, such products are very popular. They are also often made at home.
  4. Tree. It is strong and durable material. With the observance of manufacturing technology wooden shovel will last a long time.

Working part of the scoop

For the manufacture of the working part will need dense plywood. In thickness it should be 6 mm. Thicker plywood is allowed, but then the product gains additional weight. A square is cut out of plywood with sides of 45-50 cm. The cutting is performed by jigsaw or hacksaw.

Instead of plywood, you can use aluminum, tin or plastic.

Fastening the handle to the end

The holder is installed in the prepared sawed butt and, using a metalwork square, mark the line along which it is necessary to saw off a part of the cutting. This line should be inclined. The marked part is sawn off with a hacksaw. After that, the cutting can be installed in the hole of the end part.

After making all the elements you can proceed to assembly. The edge of the plywood is pressed against the curved side of the butt and nailed with small studs. Exactly in the center of the scoop you need to make a mark on which the cutting will be attached. There should be no deviations, because of them, the product is one-sided and inconvenient to use.

To attach the scoop to the handle apply screws. To avoid cracks in the plywood part, it is necessary to prepare the holes in advance, they must have a smaller diameter than the screws. After that, you can mount.

Metal edge

Snow removal devices, including homemade, require the manufacture of metal edges. This is especially true for wood products, because without a metal edge, the scoop quickly cracks.

To make the edge, you can use any bending metal, for example, galvanized iron. In his absence, you can use tin cans of tin.

A 50 cm long and 7 cm wide strip is cut out of the metal. It should be bent in half and put on the working part of the scoop. In order to press metal closer to plywood, it is necessary to hit it several times with a hammer on both sides. Speakers on the sides of the metal edge must be gently bent with a hammer. This will ensure the safety of the corners of the scoop.

The metal is nailed to the plywood. Their tips are removed with nippers, leaving parts 0.5 cm long. These remains must be bent carefully.

Strengthening spade mounts

It is also necessary to strengthen the mount. For this, another strip is cut out of the metal, the width of which is 5-7 cm, and the length is 60 cm. It is laid along the junction of the end part and the scoop. Fixation is carried out using screws. Extreme parts of the strip are folded towards the end and also reinforced with screws.

In a similar way, the reinforcement of the places where the holder is connected to the end of the spade and the plywood shovel is made. It is necessary to cut 2 metal strips up to 10 cm long and up to 5 cm wide. They are fastened from the front and back of the product using self-tapping screws. This will increase the service life of the device.

Step-by-step creation of a snow shovel with your own hands on the video:

Auger snow shovel is a handy device. Because of its high cost, it’s better to do making it yourself. Depending on the site, you need to make the right choice of type of construction. The finished device is better to use immediately after the snow falls, then the work is easier, and the device will last longer.

Inventory Features

It is important to remember one simple thing during the operation of a manual shovel with a snow auger - prevent a foreign body from getting into the auger, otherwise there is a risk of structural failure. Foreign bodies are the main problem of inventory failure, if you are not sure that there are objects under the snow that interfere with snow removal, it is better to abandon the auger tool. Use in this case the usual fixtures of garden tools.

The mechanized device of a screw shovel for snow removal with your own hands, this is a full-fledged garden tools that you can use when clearing the area from snowfall. The device consists of a full-fledged working motoblock, which is equipped with both an engine and a caterpillar mechanism. The last component is designed for effective movement in the snow, regardless of the height of the snow cover. The snow blade is attached to the main part of the tool. Fastening is performed using special devices. The adjustment of the device is carried out using special construction handles.

Industrial production produces a kind of hand screw shovels for snow removal. Such a tool visually resembles a shovel with a wide platform, and is used for cleaning only fresh snow. Bucket is usually purchased, it can be upgraded. Manufacturers sometimes offer a combined version where you can remove the auger and use the shovel as a normal mechanical tool.

The basic principle of the inventory

The essence of the work of the device is no different from manual shovels, it is the seizure of snow and throwing it away. At the same time, a snow shovel with a snow shovel has mechanized devices - this is the motor that drives and facilitates the operator’s task of moving inventory. Fully mechanized devices are powered by a gasoline engine, while manual versions require the application of human physical effort.

The mechanized version drives the motor, which, with the help of a certain air pressure, throws snow a fair distance. Some models are capable of throwing snow at a distance of up to 12 meters from the main clearing site. The manual version has no such properties, so you have to clear the snow as the bucket fills. But both options have the ability to adjust the equipment at a certain angle, this allows for a snow throw distance after the unit is started up.

Is it possible to independently make a screw shovel

On the one hand, it seems that the auger shovel is very difficult for self-assembly. But if you are familiar with technology and understand the laws of physics, then building such a device will not be difficult for you. To prepare for the manufacture you will need the following materials:

  • Iron sheet.
  • A small piece of plywood.
  • Metal rings, as well as certain bearing models.
  • Two options of asterisks.
  • Small auger (can be used from screw piles).
  • Electric tools - drill and grinder.
  • Welding unit.

During the operation you will also need fasteners in the form of bolts, nuts, screws.

The principle of making a homemade auger shovel:

  • We collect a possible variant of the hull of the technological part of the scraper. From the prepared iron we form the back and side parts of the main body for the wall. Welded to each other. If it is not possible to weld, use a drill, make holes and connect them together.
  • In the lateral parts of the steel sheet we make technological holes that are intended for mounting the auger. All this can also be done with your own hands. Weld to a pipe having a diameter of 5 cm U-shaped steel plates at a working angle of 180 degrees relative to each other. Do not forget to attach to the body of sheet metal. Please note that the main contour of the auger shaft must necessarily go out to the body by 6 cm, this is an important moment of the inventory working capacity.
  • We take a metal steel (can be used) pipe with a diameter of 30 mm. It is necessary to saw off exactly the same size of the piece, which will be equal to the working length of the mounted body. We weld 1 asterisk to the main technological center of the pipe. Along the edges it is necessary to fix the wheels with the help of special locking devices in the form of rings.
  • Weld on the shaft of the second set of asterisks. We take the chain and connect it to the first asterisk (it is necessary to remember how we put the chain on the bike, as well as this method should be used here). We construct the handle of the required length of a person, based on the physical data of the person. Welded it to the main building inventory.

During the working process, the movement of the wheel will spin, and the rotation will be transmitted along the chain to the working part of the shaft, therefore, the mass of precipitations of the snow from the bucket will spontaneously recline.

More information about auger shovel

You can also make a mechanized device with an engine. The assembly process is slightly different. Since you will need to use the power unit, for example the motor from the monoblock device. The complexity of the assembly is slightly different, since it will be necessary to provide for various systems of protection and operation of the device. According to the technical characteristics of the shovels are both single-stage and two-stage. Snow emission is carried out by means of bringing the rotor into operation. It will be necessary to build a semblance of a blade, which will throw the snow back a decent distance. Some models of ready snow dumps throw snow back up to 13 meters or more. Self-made devices will be able to recline up to 6-7 meters with the correct design of the device. In addition, there are self-propelled and non-self-propelled devices, where there are certain conditions for human participation in the process of clearing the territory from snow precipitation. The speed of cleaning the site will be quite high, and the operator will have to put less effort than, for example, when working with a conventional wooden or plastic shovel.