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Electromagnetic and ultrasonic repellers of rats and mice: which device is better and how to use it


Special repellents for rodents are the most modern devices that can effectively get rid of these pests without destroying them physically.

The scope of these devices is very wide:

  1. Eviction of mice and rats from offices and residential premises.
  2. Effective disposal of rodents in industrial facilities and territories of logistics centers.
  3. Ensuring the safety of edible stocks and products in their storage.

Action of ultrasonic repeller

In order to understand the principle of operation of such devices, below are some of their features:

  1. The device emits ultrasounds, the frequency of which exceeds 20 kHz. That is why they have no effect on a person, because his hearing is designed exclusively for 16-18 kHz, in some rare cases at 18-20 kHz, but no more. However, some animal species are very sensitive to such fluctuations, including rodents.
  2. Ultrasonic vibrations affect animals, after which they have an overwhelming sense of panic, which dulls most instincts, including self-preservation. It is thanks to this that after the start of the work of the repeller one can observe a large number of mice and rats, which crawl out of their secluded places and cease to notice the person. Panic causes them to make aimless movements in random directions, conditions are extremely uncomfortable for rodents, which gradually causes them to leave the territory in search of new housing.
  3. Ultrasonic vibrations created by one of the elements of the device - the generator of sound waves, contribute to the formation of specific beams of directional action, they have the ability to influence different tissues of living organisms. Due to this effect on the central nervous system, a positive result is achieved.

Below are the main features that you should pay attention to when buying:

  1. Different models usually have a different impact area. In the case of a large area with a lack of power of one repeller, you will most likely have to purchase several devices, although you can first experiment with the location of a single instance. Consider also the presence or absence of walls in the area - ultrasonic waves do not pass through such obstacles.
  2. Pay attention to the power source when buying an autonomous device and the quality of the plug and cord when choosing stationary equipment. To fight rodents in the field, you need a mobile device that is powered by external elements (batteries or batteries). An exotic option - powering the repeller from the solar battery. In a room with normal humidity suitable device with a network of power.
  3. Different types of emitters, for the most part, affect certain types of pests. You can purchase a universal device that will definitely cost more, but it is worth it if there is a need for such a device. A narrow apparatus only against mice will cost you a little less.

How to use and where to install ultrasonic devices

As already mentioned, the ultra-high frequency sound wave does not pass through walls, regardless of power. If you need to process several rooms, you will have to install at least one device in each of them. The number and location of the rodent deterrent equipment also influences the room load. If the space is filled with furniture, one unit may not be enough.

A high-frequency sound wave does not penetrate walls, regardless of power, and is re-reflected from obstacles.

When two or more repellers are installed, to avoid mutual influence, it is necessary to ensure a minimum distance between them of at least five meters. The maximum effect can be achieved by multiple reflections of the ultrasonic wave from hard surfaces. Objects such as carpets, upholstered furniture, upholstery, act as sound absorbers and, accordingly, impair the effectiveness of ultrasound.

Poison baits and electronic scarers are mutually exclusive items. Do not leave food indoors and block access to all water sources for pests. Deratization measures involve an integrated approach, and it is necessary to take into account the maximum number of factors.

Most devices for scaring rats and mice should work constantly until the pests disappear. After complete disinfestation, the equipment must be included as a preventive measure.

Security measures when using repellents

Separately, it is worth touching on the topic of security when using electronic repellents. Never hold working ultrasound equipment to your ear - the signal level can reach 100-120 dB, and this can cause serious damage to your health.. Although manufacturers claim that their devices do not harm human health, do not place working repellents closer than two meters from the bed.

Most repellers operate on 220 V - do not forget to observe electrical safety measures during their operation. Never turn on appliances with mains power in rooms with high humidity, for this purpose there are models on batteries.

User reviews about different devices

Tested a bunch of models. Most sound pressure is none. Self-made sinned bad direction and zero efficiency. Poison won all.


I bought an unpretentious "elektrokot", the size of a pack of cigarettes. Inside the board with a microcircuit, a pair of diodes, a stabilitron and several resistors. Electromagnetic type emitter. Connected to the battery 12.6 volts. Put in a hole with potatoes. The first year of the presence of mice and rats was not observed. In the second year, teeth marks began to appear on the roots. In the third season, the rodents stopped being afraid of the sounds being made. Rummaged with a soldering iron and a frequency meter. The selection of resistors increased the generation frequency from 15 to 18.5 kilohertz. Rodents have not been observed this winter either ... They probably get used to a certain spectrum ... I don’t know the name of the device, it isn’t indicated on the body.

a guest

We bought into an enticing Pest Repeller, since we live with our family in the private sector and this is really the thing that is needed. We took two at once, more parents. And none of them brought any results, and the parents generally have the feeling that the rodents only increased.


Pest Redzhekt helped. They bought my mother, mice appeared in her apartment. Now there are no mice. I want to buy myself a home too.


I bought Rideks Plus online store, sort of official, but now I don’t really distinguish the original from a fake, and therefore I hope that it will not be a fake.

Julia Pierce

Bought 2 months ago, a Grad 550 UZ, wanted to get rid of rats and mice, put it in the kitchen, duck, they went there like at home. At first I thought that I put it in the wrong place - I moved it closer to the trash bin - the same story, they sit right next to it and eat. In general, I bought advertising on the Internet, read a bunch of reviews (as it turned out their people write for money), even on the first channel I saw a program about this device. So I was bred for 2400r.


I bought a tornado-800 repeller. There are rats in the house. It never happened, but suddenly they began to cross under the floor. Tornado-800 installed in the kitchen (hung on the wall). A month later, the sounds disappeared completely, but there were traces of mice or rats on the second floor.


I bought myself Chiston-2. By annotations it is harmless to humans and other domestic animals, except rodents. I put this in the country. It seems gone. Now, with the help of a timer, it is switched on at night in an arbitrary mode, so that the "rogue" rodents do not complain, and as the manufacturer advises, that the rodents are not accustomed to ultrasound.


We tested such a device at home. Our domestic cat acted as a test subject. When you turn on the day mode, the cat began to worry. When you turn on the night mode, he began to panic. So, and the annotation says that the device affects mice, especially rats, etc. Our cat fell into the category "etc.". It begs the conclusion about the degree of harm ...


People continue to use poisons, traps and traps in the fight against rodents, but these methods have certain limitations. It is impossible to say unequivocally that scaring rats and mice are not without drawbacks, but with the right approach to choosing the latter and their proper installation and operation, the advantages of modern electronic devices overlap the advantages of many traditional means of disinfestation.

Which scarer is better?

All products are designed using innovative technology that is able to affect rodents by ultrasound or electromagnetic waves.

The main types include:

  1. Ultrasound device.
  2. Electromagnetic.
  3. Combined.

Before you use any device, you first need to get rid of all kinds of foci of available food. For example, bulk products closed in containers, instead of plastic bags. This also applies to products in the lockers: everything is put into a container where pests will not have access.

The advantages of ultrasound devices:

  • security,
  • effective action
  • fast result
  • acceptable cost.

At the same time, products are easy to use and maintain.